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40oz to Freedom

40oz to Freedom is a craft malt liquor brewed with orange peel from Black Hog Brewing Co. in Oxford, CT. Weighing in at a respectable 7.5% ABV, not only did this malt liquor have a zesty taste to it thanks to the orange peel, it also had a much stronger hop presence than your typical malt liquor, while not being quite as strong as in hops an IPA. The only obvious complaint here is that it's named "40oz to Freedom", and above that listed as a "40oz", while in smaller print below the name the contents read "38.2oz". None of that is correct! This is a 32oz bottle. 32oz to Freedom? Sublime would not approve. However, Sublime has released their own 40oz in limited quantities thanks to AleSmith Brewing. As for Black Hog's "40", I'll give it 8/10 swills. It tastes great and has a nice alcohol content, but the problem is it's not a 40!

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