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Amstel Light

Do some boring light beer 40s. Although this one is kind of interesting because it's imported from the Netherlands (Heineken owns this brand) and is available all over the US in 12oz bottles, but the only place you can find it in 40s is Mexico and it's brewed there. Anyway, this 40 gave me heartburn. I also consumed a bag of microwavable popcorn and a Rice Krispies Treat but pretty sure it's the beer's fault. Flows down easy, no harsh taste. I also noticed that online sources list Amstel Light as 3.5% ABV but this label says it's 4.0% ABV. Since the ABV is apparently different and it's brewed in Mexico vs the Netherlands, I'm guessing it's not exactly the same beer Americans are used to. Overall 5/10 swills.

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