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I drank this during Super Bowl LI, courtesy of 40oz Crew member crossovert. This is a craft malt liquor produced and bottled by Crown Brewing in Crown Point, IN. This one weighs in at 9.0% ABV and you can taste every percent. However, it's very good quality and at 9% is much easier to drink than some of it's 8% 40oz counterparts, and much better than all of the even heavier hitters. The name and label are awesome, and I have to assume the folks at Crown Point were well aware of the movie Black Dynamite going into this. That movie also features an Anaconda Malt Liquor, with the slogan "Anaconda Malt Liquor Gives You Ooooo!" I really enjoyed drinking this. I'm sure the nachos and the game added to my enjoyment, but either way I'm giving this one a swill for each percentage of alcohol: 9/10 swills. I hope the trend of craft malt liquor 40s continues.

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