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Arnold Palmer

These are one of the rare non-beer 40s in my collection. Arizona Iced Tea is made by the same company that brews Crazy Stallion, so these are the same wide mouth 40oz bottles used for their malt liquor.

I drank both of these straight from the bottle. They are meant to be mixed with vodka or rum, which I did. I drank about 1/5th of the bottle straight and then filled it back up with Skyy Vodka. That first fifth tasted unsurprisingly like concentrated iced tea & lemonade, but the vodka helped make it more enjoyable. If you like Arnold Palmers (iced tea + lemonade) and/or Long Island Iced Teas, then you'd enjoy this. The one with pomegranate was the same basic experience as the regular Iced Tea Lemonade, but with pomegranate flavor as well. Since these aren't beer 40s, I'll skip rating them. I just wanted these for the collection.

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