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Batch Brewing

Batch Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in Detroit, MI, who offers their beer to-go in 40oz bottles, with the beer they're filled with hand-written on the label. Some local liquor stores also carry these 40s as well. Batch Brewing Co. also produces some of their beers in 40s with printed labels. Those I've given their own separate pages: 17-1140 TCX, Blood In Orange Out, Empire Pale Ale, Laura Ingalls, Low End Theory, and The Audacity. Their beers that I know of that have been offered in 40s with the name written on the label are:

A Little English (4.1% ABV extra special bitter)*
Augustine Aloysius (5.7% ABV oatmeal stout)*
Black Mass (2.3% ABV black English ale)
Dicksmasher (11.1% ABV imperial stout)*
Everything Looks Like a Nail (6.8% ABV IPA)*
Humble Wit (6.1% ABV witbier)*
Kelly R.I.P.A. (9.1% ABV rye)*
Milk Goblin (4.5% ABV milk stout)*
Old Witty Bastard (4.5% ABV witbier)*
Pennsylvania Swankey (4% ABV brown ale)*
Rauch Schwarzbier (6.1% ABV schwarzbier)*
Souper Dooper (9.7% ABV English strong ale)*
That's the Way She Gose, Eh? (4.6% ABV gose)
Three Bags (10.1% ABV Belgian tripel)*
Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree (6.5% ABV pale ale)*
Vienna Lager (5.7% ABV)*
Wheated Stout (5.9% ABV stout)*

Black Mass was a dark beer with little carbonation and an even less alcohol content, yet it still took me quite a long time to drink all 40 ounces of. It didn't taste bad, other than a bit flat, however the low alcohol content made it a not worthwhile experience. 4/10 swills.

Review of That's the Way She Gose, Eh? coming soon...

Other craft breweries have done this over the years as well, including Deschutes Brewery and Steelhead Brewery.

I need the bottles marked with an asterisk (*). If you can help, please email me.

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