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Big Bear

Big Bear was one of Pabst Brewing Company's most beloved 40oz malt liquors, up until 2013 when it got the axe. It was often compared to Olde English 800 because the ABV varied among North America. The east coast had 5.7%, the west coast had 7.5%, and Canada had it in both 8.0% and 7.0% at different times. The first time I found and drank Big Bear was in the very early days of my hunting 40s. It was in the early 2000s and I was going with some friends on a road trip to Montreal when I remembered hearing that Big Bear had been found somewhere in upstate New York. Deciding to try my luck, I stopped at a random gas station (most likely a Stewart's), and went in. As soon as I started opening the door my eyes zeroed in on them in the cooler, the bear growling back at me, but I was not intimidated. The "east coast" version of Big Bear was indeed my favorite out of the 3. It flowed like liquid gold each and every time. 10/10 swills. I miss this brand so much it hurts. 40oz Crew member IMT40s was the first to hook me up with the stronger "west coast" version. It was excellent as well, the taste not quite as perfect as the east coast one, but the increased buzz compensated for that. At 7.5% it tasted better than many of the other malts in that range at the time. A solid 8/10 swills. The Canadian 8.0% was even stronger and the taste much different from its American counterparts. It reminded me of a cross between Budweiser and Steel Reserve 211 if you can imagine such a thing. The swill was a bit rough, but at 8% it made you feel good. 6/10 swills. I'm sorry my neighbors to the north never got to try Big Bear in its best and purest form.

I need the 5 variants pictured on the bottom. If you can help please email me.

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