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Boomerang Cozmo

While Canada sometimes seems to be 10 years behind us with certain things, they were way ahead of the curve when it comes to flavored malt beverages. They had many different flavored 40s well before Four Loko was even a thing here. Brewed by Labatt, Boomerang Cozmo described itself as "malt beverage with cranberry-vodka taste" and weighed in at 7% ABV. Even just opening the bottle was extremely unsatisfying as there was virtually no "crack" unsealing the cap and no hiss of carbonation escaping. It gave me heartburn only 1/3 through it, along with severe depression as defined by the DSM. I hated every sip of this 40, but it's no secret that I despise flavored malt beverages. 1/10 swills.

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