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Boomerang Vodkice

It's no secret that I loathe flavored malt beverages. Surprisingly, however, this vodka lime flavored malt beverage is one of the better ones. Canada really seems to do flavored malts better than the states. As usual though, 40 ounces is too much sweet candy liquid at one time. By the halfway point I was sick of it. The most similar 40 to his would have to be Molson Lemon Dry, but this Labatt brand is better. This is probably similar to Smirnoff Ice but I don't drink that stuff so I honestly can't compare them closely. Even though I didn't hate this as much as most, I still would prefer to never drink it again. The 7% ABV was a nice step up from the 6.1% of most of the other Boomerang flavors. Overall 4/10 swills.

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