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Bull Max

Bull Max is associated with G. Heileman Brewing Co., Stroh Brewery, and Sleeman Breweries. G. Heileman was purchased by Stroh Brewery in 1996. Stroh Brewery also produced Bull Ice, the American counterpart to Bull Max. In 1999 Sleeman Brewing Co. purchased the Canadian rights to brew and distribute Stroh's brands, including the Schlitz brands, which on the American front Stroh went on to sell that same year to Pabst Brewing Co.

Bull Max 40oz, aka B-40, was produced in 6.5%, 7.0%, 7.7% and 8.0% ABV varieties over the years. It's no longer produced, but I was fortunate enough to drink the 8% version. It had a rough taste to it, but for an 8% 40oz you shouldn't expect otherwise. The alcohol content is not so high that the taste was affected too negatively and not so low that the taste isn't worth the end result. This was a very good overall strong beer (malt liquor). 6.5/10 swills as the taste was just enough to keep it from ranking higher.

I need the variant pictured on the bottom. If you can help, please email me.

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