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City Slicker

The commercial description for this reads "City Slicker Malt Liquor is a premium entry in the high gravity malt liquor segment. The brand employs a cutting-edge label design that projects a nostalgic image of coolness, intrigue and independence, which reflects the persona of today's premium malt liquor drinker."

I have to roll my eyes at whoever was behind the marketing for this one at City Brewery. The only thing "cutting-edge" about this label design is that it's the first hard to see and read label. And while I agree nostalgia sells, those who chill on street corners now likely aren't the trench coat and fedora wearing type. It's also not "high gravity", weighing in at an average malt liquor content of 5.75% ABV.

Now that I'm done slamming the sales pitch, let me give it some praise. I do love the label because it's unique (not cutting-edge). It flowed down like water at first when drinking it, with a slight taste of beer. Very smooth, until the swill. The alcohol content produced just enough of an effect for me to give this 7/10 swills.

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