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Corner Store

Corner Store is a 10% ABV craft malt liquor produced as a collaboration in limited quantities between KettleHouse Brewing Co. in Missoula, MT and Gravity Brewing in Louisville, CO. This is a traditionally brewed malt liquor with six-row barley, flaked corn and rice. What makes it stand out, besides the wax-dipped seal, is a hefty dry hop, which results in a hop heavy malt liquor that tastes more like an IPA than Colt 45. I've never had anything like this. And I love it for that very reason! You can taste the high alcohol content but it's not harsh. There's no hints of nail polish remover here. Corner Store is highly drinkable, strong, and the first hoppy malt liquor. 10/10 swills. It goes against the grain and stands out because of it.

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