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Country Club

Country Club was the first widely successful malt liquor brand in America, as well as the leading candidate for the first actual 40oz malt liquor (however, it was not the first 40oz beer, as A-1 lays claim to that honor). Originally created by Goetz Brewing, Country Club was advertised as being the new "party brew" for upper middle class white Americans. In 1955 an advertisement featured a smiling woman with a pearl necklace serving Country Club poured into fine stemware. Fast forward to the 1970s and it was being advertised as a "bad dude's brew", featuring a black pimp.

Today Pabst Brewing Co. brews Country Club. It is a classic street malt. The name may have had elite intentions at one point, but now it's ironic. There's nothing fancy going on here, just pure 100% American made malt liquor. It's by no means the best malt on the market, but make no mistake about it, it's far from the worst. You simply cannot go wrong with one of, if not the first 40oz malt liquor ever made. 7/10 swills overall.

I need the 4 variants pictured on the bottom. If you can help, please email me.

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