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Cyclone was a brand brewed by Groupe Geloso in Quebec, Canada. Weighing in at a nice 7.2% ABV, it doesn't taste like your typical Canadian "biere forte" (strong beer). It started out reminding me a bit of Private Stock but descended into a downward spiral taste-wise the warmer it got. At the time it was a unique 40 coming in the traditional small mouth bottle, as almost all other Canadian 40s were being produced in wide mouth bottles. It was also harder to find, having only come across it in one store during my Montreal beer hunting. This was available in "tabagies" (small independently owned convenience stores where you could buy cigarettes, beer, snacks, magazines, etc) as opposed to the larger Couche Tard chain (Quebec's version of Wawa or 7-11) which all seem to carry the same brands. Overall 6/10 swills.

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