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Dakota Kick

The Dakota Kick label shows this as coming from Dakota Group in Utica, NY, which is actually Matt Brewing Co., the same company that brews the Saranac beers. I'm going to assume that they did not have the capability for their bottling lines to produce 40s, or maybe the calibration was off for the one I received, because the label was pasted on bubbly and loose with random globs of glue on the glass, and the cap would not come off. It wouldn't budge at all, and I resorted to using scissors to help break the seal. Once off, the cap was not able to screw back on, it now fits on like a loose hat. Dakota Kick weighed in at 6% ABV and the initial taste reminded me of a lower alcohol version of St. Ides. This is an extremely carbonated malt liquor, which makes sense since there's no way any carbonation was sneaking out through this seal. Good tasting beer but the label and cap issues won't allow me to rate it higher than 6/10 swills. I don't expect a high quality product with my 40s but I should be able to open them without mechanical assistance.

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