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Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt

Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt was released three times, once a year from 2004-2006, and limited to 300 cases, each bottle coming with a hand-stamped "Dogfish Head" brown paper bag. Since Dogfish Head did not have a bottling line designed for 40s, each one was filled and labeled by hand. Liquor de Malt is a 7% ABV bottle-conditioned malt liquor, and whereas most malt liquors are brewed with cheap corn syrup, Liquor de Malt contains three types of milled corn (Apache Red, Hickory King, and Taos Blue) giving it a fuller flavor than something like Colt 45. The extra costs stemming from the slower bottling process and better ingredients resulted in this 40 costing much more than other malt liquor 40s, at around $7.50 each.

Holding this up to the light I saw the floaties, confirmation of the bottle-conditioning. Every other time you see floaties in a 40 it means it's extremely expired and the liquid broke down, causing the proteins to separate into little flakes. Upon opening I took a sniff and thought it had a dark beer scent to it. Once poured you can see that this is indeed a darker more golden malt liquor, evidence of the higher quality ingredients. First sip reveals that this is a malt liquor like no other. It's amazing how good malt liquor can actually taste, and that's coming from someone who loves the taste of regular malt liquor! Even as the 40 begins to lose its chill the taste is not negatively affected. The extra flavor is worth every extra penny. I haven't been this excited about drinking a 40 since I found Phat Boy and 64oz Olde English 800 a couple years after they were discontinued. Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt was an excellent 40 from first sip to last gulp. I would buy them regularly if I could, but unfortunately the majority of 40oz drinkers are more concerned about price than taste, so these will remain a limited yet fun experiment that proved how good 40oz malt liquor can actually be. I have no hesitation in giving this 40 a perfect 10/10 swills. I was fortunate enough to drink this each time it was distributed in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Since then it's been available on occassion direct from the brewery. The original release had the red cap, the following releases a white cap.

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