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Evil Eye Red

Evil Eye Red from Melanie Brewing Co. (now City Brewery) is just pure evil. First available in 10% ABV and then an 8% ABV with a "New Great Taste", it's god awful in any percentage. The 10% version smelled like wine mixed with dust and tasted like some fruity bum wine... mixed with dust. The 8% version did indeed have a new (better) taste, as it at least tasted like kiwi-strawberry this time and with no harsh alcohol flavor. However, 40 ounces of candy flavored malt beverage is way too much. I didn't feel any effect from either of the supposedly high alcohol beverages. I have no hesitation in giving both of these versions 1/10 swills for being absolutely horrendous. The first full bottle pictured above did used to have a red color to it just like the wide mouth but it faded away over the years it took for me to take that photo.

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