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Forty Ounce

Forty Ounce is a brand of French wines created by Patrick Cappiello, and organically farmed and vinified by Julien Braud. Their first release was a Muscadet, their second a Rose, and their latest a Red. However, this brand is very misleading. The media and consumers alike believe these are classy 40oz wines, but the truth of the matter is these are 1 liter bottles, not 40oz bottles. 40oz bottles are equivalent to 1.18 liters. These wines don't actually claim to be 40 ounces either. "Forty Ounce" is just the name of the brand, and the number "40" that appears on the label is part of the design. Notice that it does not say "ounces" or "Fl. Oz." (fluid ounces) next to the "40". So even though Forty Ounce wines aren't actually 40oz wines, I felt the need to include them on the website since many would be looking to see if I was aware of them, and as an opportunity to let those who come here know that they're not real 40s.

I need the Forty Ounce Red pictured on the right. If you can help, please email me.

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