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Produced by Plank Road Brewery, owned by MillerCoors, Icehouse originally weighed in at 5.5% ABV but has since been increased to 6.9% ABV. The 5.5% version was an extremely basic cheap beer. Very watery with no taste and no character. It's like a cross between Pabst Blue Ribbon and Miller Lite. 4/10 swills. The 6.9% version is a great improvement. Along with the increased alcohol content, the beer also has a bolder taste. However, not quite enough to place it in the top tier of 40oz beers, especially when consumed out of plastic bottles. 6/10 swills. It's a shame that their high gravity 8% ABV brand, Icehouse Edge, is not available in 40s, as that's the best version of Icehouse money can buy.

I need the 2 variants pictured on the bottom (the first is the original test market plastic bottle), as well as the old label that says "Premium Ale" underneath the banner (instead of "Premium Beer"). If you can help, please email me.

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