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Jaguar was a brand produced by Anheuser-Busch back in 1984 alongside King Cobra. At 6% ABV, they were the same malt liquor, but it was an experiment to see which the better selling brand would be. King Cobra won that contest, and Jaguar went on to become my most wanted bottle. I started collecting 40oz bottles in 1999 and within that first year I came across an empty Jaguar 40 on eBay in an auction that contained several different size containers of the brand. The auction went over $30 and I dropped out. Being both a broke college student and a new collector, I assumed I'd have another chance to add it to my collection. That chance did not come again for another 12 years and no other 40oz collector had come across one in the meantime. In 2013 my holy grail finally joined the world's largest 40oz collection as bottle #913. I received it full with a slight crack in the glass at the mouth, so I decided to empty it, but not before taking a few sips of the nearly 30 year old malt liquor that eluded me for so long. The floaties were thick and the beer beyond skunked, but to be able to taste it in any form was a victory in itself.

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