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Knucks Rye

In late 2014, People's Brewing Co. in Lafayette, IN released Knucks Rye, an 8% ABV craft malt liquor. They were sold for a limited time at their taproom for $9/bottle. The first sip was a shock to my system. It tasted more like Newcastle Brown Ale than the usual 8% malt liquor like Steel Reserve 211. I poured some into a glass to inspect and sure enough the golden elixir inside was a darker hue than the 8% 40s I'm used to. It tasted a bit nutty, while still embracing some of that high gravity flavor, leaving no doubt as to the accuracy of the ABV printed on the label, which becomes even more obvious by the time you're done. This craft malt liquor gets a solid 8/10 swills. The response to Knucks Rye was positive enough that People's Brewing went on to release a second craft 40oz, an imperial IPA called Hop Killa.

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