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Koolie 600

Koolie 600 was released in 2013 by City Brewery, under the name Drink Beer LLC. Urban Dictionary defines "koolie" as someone who is a mixed race of Indian and Caribbean/Jamaican, and the "600" represents its 6.0% ABV alcohol content. The first two versions of this 40 had the wrong alcohol content of 473 milliliters printed on the bottom of the label, just like fellow Drink Beer brand Lucky Number 7 11. It was a classic street malt, one of the last of its kind, in a market that's been overrun with fruity malt beverages. It had that funky malt liquor flavor that seemed to define the cheapest of malts. While I love what this brand represented, the product inside was not the best. I can only rate it 6/10 swills, but this brand has my heart. The world needs more Koolie 600 and less Four Loko.

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