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Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1

Brewed by Labatt Brewing Co. in Montreal, Canada, Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1 takes Labatt Bleue Dry 7.1 and adds another percentage point of alcohol content to it, weighing this one in at 8.1% ABV. As discussed in the review for the 7.1, I consider the 7% range to be the perfect alcohol content for 40s. When you step up into the 8% range you start entering dangerous territory that only craft breweries seem to be able to overcome successfully in terms of taste. However, Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1 is surprisingly smooth. The American high gravities at this alcohol content tend to have a harsher almost metallic taste. Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1, on the other hand, is more like drinking Labatt Bleue Dry than Steel Reserve 211. That dry brew process seems to handle higher alcohol content beers better than the malt liquor brewing process as far as offensive flavors, but dry beer in itself is certainly not preferable over the flavor of sweet malt liquor. 6.5/10 swills.

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