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Labatt Wildcat Force 8

Labatt Wildcat Force 8 was brewed by Labatt Brewing Co. in Montreal, Canada. It replaced Labatt's previous "Force 8" brand, Lucky Lager Force 8. The name of the brand was representative of its 8% ABV alcohol content. Unfortunately I was very bored by this 40. I'm not the biggest fan of Canada's standard strong beer flavor. It's not bad, but they all taste alike. And that's the problem - there is so little to differentiate one Canadian 40 from the next. All the dry beers taste alike, all the 8% beers taste alike, and even the labels themselves look alike besides the giant number to signify that this one is 1% higher than the last and 1% lower than the next. Canada's beer scene is like some weird Groundhog Day-Matrix crossover with a bunch of Agent Smiths doing the same thing over and over. Due to the taste not being the best and my agitation with it being like so many before it, I only feel like giving this 5/10 swills.

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