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M-X was contract brewed by City Brewery for GJS Sales, Inc. I associate this brand as the malt liquor version of Milwaukee Special Reserve, also from City Brewery. It was first produced at 7.3% ABV and then changed to 8.2% ABV. The 7.3% version was horrible. So bad that I did the unthinkable and didn't finish my 40oz. That's sacrilegious for me but it was the worst 40 I ever had. 1/10 swills for tasting like bottled up death and despair. The 8.2% version was not nearly as bad. After the first third is consumed, however, the subpar flavor really starts to come out. The swill was worse than your average swill as well. I have a deep appreciation for malt liquor, which is probably the only reason I'm willing to rate it as high as 5/10 swills.

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