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Ode English 915

Ode English 915 is a craft malt liquor from Ode Brewing Co. in El Paso, TX, and weighs in at a very respectable 6.3% ABV. Obviously playing on Olde English 800, while taking a page out of Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co.'s playbook with their Nickel Nickel 9 (559) release, the "915" refers to El Paso's area code. They also spared no expense with this nice looking screen printed label. This is yet another delicious craft malt liquor. The 6.3% alcohol content is nice and strong while not being so strong as to negatively affect the flavor. OE 800 is about as good as it gets for regular malt liquor, and OE 915 is about as good as it gets for craft malt liquor. Both are delicious, but both are different, while both being malts. The higher quality ingredients in craft malt liquors produce higher quality tasting beers. But that's no disrespect to the original malts. When drinking a 40, I'd still choose 800 over 915 9/10 times. That being said, the 915 deserves a full 10/10 swills. There's literally nothing wrong with it.

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