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O'Keefe Extra Old Stock

O'Keefe Extra Old Stock was a 7.1% ABV malt liquor brewed by Molson Coors. In 2003 it was rebranded as Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock. Carling and O'Keefe were originally two separate breweries, both of which got acquired by Canadian Breweries in the 1930s. Canadian Breweries was sold and resulted in a new brewer called Carling O'Keefe in 1973. Carling O'Keefe was sold again and then went on to merge with Molson, who later went on to merge with Coors. O'Keefe Extra Old Stock had more of that "biere forte" (strong beer) taste that I associate with Canada's malt liquors than it did our American malt liquor flavor. It was good, but when I was done I was questioning the legitimacy of the alcohol content. Overall 6/10 swills. Thanks to 40oz Crew member IMT40s for this!

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