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Oransicle is a 6.8% ABV flavored beer from Mountain Crest Brewing Co., now known as Minhas Craft Brewery, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Oransicle is an orange creams flavored beer, like an orange creamsicle. Normally I loathe flavored beer and malt beverages, but orange cream is a flavor I enjoy and the flavor of this beer was on point. However, like all other flavored 40s, it does get old after the midway point. The color is an orange-yellow , which seems appropriate, but also looks very much like urine. This is probably my favorite flavored 40 and so I'll give it what's probably my highest score for a flavored 40 at 5/10 swills. I couldn't go higher because it does get sickening. Just like I wouldn't want to drink 40 ounces of orange cream soda, I don't want to drink 40 ounces of orange cream beer. At least it didn't turn my tongue purple like Mountain Crest's other flavored 40, Saskaberry. Thanks out to 40oz Crew member crosman177 for this!

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