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Pit Bull High Gravity Ice

Pit Bull High Gravity Ice is not to be confused with the older Pit Bull malt liquor brand from a different brewery, which was also labeled as a high gravity lager. This Pit Bull was produced by Pig's Eye Brewing Co. and more recently Evans Brewing Company, and weighs in at an intimidating 10.2% ABV. Originally named Pit Bull, it eventually was rebranded as PB, and then American Pitt (although only in 24oz cans). As much as I love the name and label design, the taste is unfortunately about as bad as it gets. I don't expect easy drinking when it comes to HG malt liquor above 9%, but it seems like they could have come up with something better than this. For example, Double Axe is both stronger and better tasting. With this kind of horrible flavor they should have at least bumped the alcohol content up to 12% to grab the "strongest 40" title, because it wouldn't have tasted any worse. It tastes of urine mixed with nail polish remover. Halfway through I started to think it was getting easier to tolerate, but I think my tongue was just going numb. It's like sucking on dirty coins. The cool label and lowered inhibitions result in a rating of 2/10 swills.

This brewery produced a couple other malt liquors with amazing names and designs, but unfortunately they were only made available in 24oz cans: Bad Kat Ice (formerly known as Big Kat Ice) at 11% ABV, and Dead Presidents High Gravity Ice at 8.3% ABV.

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