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Side Pocket Grape Brew

Side Pocket Grape Brew was produced by Universal Sales, Inc. in Memphis, TN, and was available at both 5% ABV and 6% ABV. It has the distinction of being one of the first, if not the first, 40oz flavored malt beverage. I drank this back in 2000 and believe it was already a couple years old at that time. However, it aged well and was actually pretty good, which is surprising coming from me because I am easily disgusted by flavored malts and grape flavored anything. I think I was more excited about how unique this was for its time, whereas these days there are more flavored malt beverages than there are malt liquors. The other surprising thing about this 40 was its color. This grape beer poured an emerald green! It tasted like grape soda and did get old after awhile, but in the end it went down easy. I drank the 5% version and could not feel any effect from the low alcohol content. At the time I rated this 7/10 swills, and I'll stand by that rating, but keep in mind I was still a bit green (like this beer) in the 40oz game.

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