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Thunder Bolt

Thunder Bolt is produced by Minhas Craft Brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and weighs in at a mighty 10% ABV. The first couple sips tasted like garbage with hints of grape. After a couple more sips it calmed down and tasted watery and not the least bit high in alcohol content. So while the first quarter was real bad and the middle pretty decent, the final quarter was miserable again. Despite making a bad first and last impression, I've had worse, and it actually deserves some praise for its taste considering the alcohol content. However, I didn't feel the effect as much as I thought I would, which makes me question the ABV. For some reason, despite the pretty harsh review, I'll go ahead and give this 6.5/10 swills. Thanks out to 40oz Crew member crosman177 for this.

I need the variant pictured on the bottom. If you can help, please email me.

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