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Black Label 11-11

This is a Pabst brand with no relation to Black Label other than both being owned by Pabst in the U.S. It's definitely not a Carling product, though. 11-11 was a classic street malt, providing a slightly grittier flavor than the more mass produced 40oz malts. At 5.9% ABV it's right in line with your basic non-HG malt liquor. It wasn't the best malt, but it was far from the worst. I originally rated this one 6/10 swills, but nostalgia is making me want to boost it to a 7. Unfortunately Pabst dropped this brand in 2013. I miss it. 2013 was a bad year.

I need the 5 variants pictured at the end. If you can help, please email me.

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