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Boomerang Raspberry Iced Tea

Another 6.1% ABV flavored malt beverage 1.18L from Labatt. Fortunately, I didn't get to drink the whole thing. I bought this during a road trip to Montreal and thought I'd get in trouble if I tried to bring 20+ full 40s back across the border. I've since come to learn that you are allowed, you might just have to pay some additional taxes. Anyway, I only tasted a small amount before dumping it so that I could keep the empty bottle for my collection. The small taste I had wasn't too bad, but I could easily see it getting disgusting after awhile. No one should have to (or want to) drink 40 ounces of flavored beer. I can't give this an official rating, but unless I'm really okay with the flavor I usually can't justify going higher than 2/10 swills.

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