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Cobra Horse

Cobra Horse was produced by New Belgium Brewing, best known for their Fat Tire brand, to celebrate their 40,000th batch of beer. They describe it as a 9% ABV imperial lager, which is a craftier way of saying malt liquor. New Belgium brewer Mike Cothran stated "Cobra Horse is our production mascot if you will. He is half horse and half king cobra. A mythical creature that Bo Lytle (another brewer) created as his childhood mythical rock band. We adopted the name, and revel in it when hanging out together as a group."

I won't write a review about how Cobra Horse tasted, as it was not fresh, and as per the request of the brewer at New Belgium who sent it to me. However, I will say that I was blown away by how carbonated it remained, considering it was hand-capped 2 years prior, and how delicious it still tasted! I never had a malt liquor that aged so well. A fresh Cobra Horse may possibly have been the best craft malt liquor ever created.

I need the variant pictured on the right. If you can help, please email me.

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