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Cool Colt

Brewed by G. Heileman Brewing Co., Cool Colt was Colt 45 with menthol flavor. Its slogan was "Taste the Cool". My only experience with Cool Colt was a 12 year old 22oz bottle that I bought full off eBay. It had a lot of thick fleshy chunks swirling around inside and when I was done the inside of the clear glass bottle was coated brown. Regardless, I'm pretty sure I got an idea what drinking a fresh Cool Colt was like, because this was like drinking liquid Newports. Absolutely disgusting. In this modern day of flavored malt beverages being more prevalent than ever, I can only hope no one comes out with another menthol flavored one (although it'd probably be smart of them if they did, for those nostalgic or curious about Cool Colt).

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