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Corona is a brand that's popular to hate on by both malt liquor drinkers and craft beer drinkers, appealing more to the average consumer. I admit I enjoy the taste, and will even stick a lime in it. There, I said it. It's brewed by Grupo Modelo in Mexico and is not a strong beer, weighing in at 4.55% ABV. It's most widely available in the clear 12oz bottles that everyone is familiar with, labeled Corona Extra, but can also be found in the states in 32oz brown bottles under the name Corona Familiar. 32oz (940ml) bottles in Mexico are also referred to as caguamas, which translates to sea turtles. Why quarts of beer are identified with sea turtles in Mexico I have no idea. When Corona Familiar first went up in size to 1.18L (40oz) in Mexico it retained the "Familiar" name. That was soon replaced, however, by "Mega". 40oz bottles in Mexico are referred to as caguamons. On the other end of the scale, 7oz Coronas are labeled "Coronita". The brown glass used in the caguamas and caguamons allows the beer to retain its true taste as it protects best against UV rays which can affect the beer.

I need the last variant pictured. If you can help, please email me.

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