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Double Axe

Double Axe is brewed by Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The name implies it may be an imperial lager, using double the malt of regular Axe Head. Double Axe was originally produced at 9% ABV but not in 40s. When the 40s hit the market they were the same strength as Axe Head at 11% ABV, and then were quickly increased to a whopping 11.7% ABV, making it the strongest 40oz in North America. Most high gravity beers above 8% are extremely harsh and hard to drink, so it's amazing how good of a job Minhas did of disguising the alcohol content with these. You really can't expect a smoother malt liquor experience at this ABV. Keep in mind we're speaking in relative terms here. Double Axe isn't as smooth as Hurricane but it's not undrinkable like Pit Bull High Gravity Ice either. Neither Double Axe was a problem to drink. I give the 11% ABV an impressive 8/10 swills, and the current 11.7% ABV version an incredible 9/10 swills. 11.7% Double Axe tastes better than any other malt liquor in its weight class and will rock your world!

I need the variant pictured on the right, if it exists. If you can help, please email me.

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