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In December 2015 rapper E-40 debuted E40 malt liquor in 24oz cans and 40oz bottles and marketed it as a craft malt liquor with honey. Produced by City Brewery under the name Interactions and Transactions, E40 is a big boy weighing in at 10% ABV. As per the label, "E-40 got his name drinking 40 oz beers on the 1300 block of Magazine Street in the Hillside of Vallejo, CA. When creating his own beer, he accepted only the finest quality ingredients available. This refreshing malt liquor with a hint of honey is delicious and ready to go." Originally sold at around $5 per 40oz, it's unsurprisingly since come down in price as most malt liquor drinkers value price over anything else.

Others have compared this to Axe Head and Four O, other 10% range malts, and I can see the similarity. But there's something else to it as well, that something else being the "hint of honey". E40 tastes like a Four O with a honey cough drop dissolved in it. It's not the best tasting 40 by any means and not even the best tasting high gravity, but it is unique. It wasn't too rough or harsh and led to an impromptu hour long nap. I'm feeling generous today - 7/10 swills. We need more people like E-40 in this world.

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