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Evil Eye Sour

Evil Eye Sour from Melanie Brewing Co. (now City Brewery) is as evil as the name implies. It was first produced at 10% ABV and then eventually an 8% ABV with a "New Great Taste". The 10% smelled horrible immediately upon opening, like apples covered in dirt, and tasted the same as well. Eventually the dirt flavor fades away and it just tastes like a green apple Jolly Rancher alcohol beverage but 40 ounces of that alone is disgusting. I even burped up bile while drinking this. The 8% is much like the original, the "New Great Taste" removing the initial dirt flavor and with no harsh alcohol taste. And like Evil Eye Red, I felt no effect from the supposedly high alcohol contents of either. Both versions deserve only 1/10 swills, at best.

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