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Gold Extra

Gold Extra was brewed by Great Western Brewing Co. in Saskatoon, Canada. It was first available at 9% ABV and then later at 8% ABV. The 9% one tasted like urine, unlike any malt liquor I drank prior to it, although it reminded me a bit of M-X. I didn't drink more because I honestly was worried it was tampered with. Years later I tried the 8% version, which I was sure wasn't tampered with. The cap came off real loose, with no audible crack of the cap tabs and no sound of escaping carbonation. The initial taste reminded me of the original 9% version. Definitely a bad unique flavor. There were so many different things going on with this beer - it's both watered down tasting yet has a strong alcohol presence. There's an element of cheap weak American lager like Schaefer, with a splash of ale flavor like Ballantine Ale, along with a touch of high gravity like Steel Reserve 211. Somewhere towards the beginning of this 40 I did sort-of like it, but that feeling didn't last long. They really may have used urine in the brewing process, which could explain the extra foamy burps. The swill, which usually starts a couple inches from the bottom, started with 1/3 left. Gold Extra is a fizzy watery high gravity mess of a beer. Overall 4/10 swills for at least being unique.

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