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Johnny 3 Legs

Stroh Brewery Co. gave birth to Johnny 3 Legs in 1995. Much thanks to 40oz Crew member 40 Ounce Legend for this bottle! Here is "The Story of Johnny Three Legs and How We Got Our Name," as printed on the back of the label:

The story goes, that while driving on a country road, a man observed a chicken running alongside his car at great speed. The faster he drove, the faster the chicken ran to keep up with the car. Curious, the driver slowed down, and lo and behold, saw that it was a three legged chicken. The chicken turned off the road and ran toward a barn. The driver, following its path, spotted an old farmer near the barn. He approached the farmer and asked
"Did you see a three legged chicken run by?"
"Yes." replied the farmer, "We raise them here."
"Why?" asked the driver.
"Well," replied the farmer, "I like a drumstick, my wife likes a drumstick, and my child likes a drumstick, so we decided to raise three legged chickens, so we could all have a drumstick."
"But," asked the driver, "do they taste as good as the regular drumsticks?"
"I don't know." replied the farmer, "They run so fast that we have not been able to catch one yet."

We hope you enjoyed our story, and that you like the name of our product, and will think about it the next time you are out shopping for a malt liquor.

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