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Labatt Bleue Dry 7.1

Brewed by Labatt Brewing Co. in Montreal, Canada, Labatt Bleue Dry 7.1 is the same as Labatt Bleue Dry but with 1% stronger alcohol content, weighing in at 7.1% ABV. While 1% may not seem like a big difference, when it comes to beer it can make a huge difference, for better or worse. In my opinion, the 7% range has always been the perfect alcohol content for 40s because it's high enough to feel the effects without sacrificing the taste. This is the best of the Labatt Bleue brands. It has a great taste, flows down smooth, and when you're done you know you drank a 40. It's not so strong that you'll wake up on a couch with regrets and receipts, but it is enough to make you feel better about things. The only negative here for me is that it still retains that dry Canadian beer taste that isn't my favorite style in the world. If it were brewed like a malt liquor, I'd rank this even higher. For what it is, however, it still deserves a solid 7/10 swills.

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