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Labatt Ice

Labatt Ice is brewed by Labatt Brewing Co. and weighs in at 5.6% ABV. Even though Labatt is a Canadian brand, this particular beer is exclusive to the U.S., just like Molson Ice, except very different in taste. It's also the little brother to Labatt Maximum Ice. These wide mouth bottles, which are slightly bigger and heavier than other American wide mouth 40oz bottles, are the same as the ones used in Canada for their other 40oz brands, because this was brewed in Canada and imported to the states. Labatt Ice has that common and basic cheap Canadian beer taste that differs from the common and basic cheap American beer taste, like Pabst Blue Ribbon. Maybe it's the water. Labatt Ice produced foamy backed-up carbonation burps that were hard to get out. If this beer was sold in Canada I'd give it a 6 because the style is common there, but since it's a legit Canadian beer exclusive to America I'll give it 6.5/10 swills. A later re-review with the newer label seemed to taste more like cheap American beer than the basic Canadian beer flavor, completely contradicting my original review. Did the brewery move to U.S. facilities in that time? Did the recipe change? Or do my taste buds just suck? Either way, it's still basic but unoffensive and worthy of the same overall score.

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