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Nickel Nickel 9

Nickel Nickel 9 is a 6.5% ABV craft malt liquor produced by Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co. out of Fresno, CA, and is named after Fresno's 559 area code. It was released at the brewery on September 29, 2017 and limited to only 150 bottles. The President of Tioga Sequioa was kind enough to set one aside for Support Malt Liquor moderator and Fresno resident Kings Rivera to pick up for me, even though there was a strict limit of 1-per-person. These were filled like growlers, not factory sealed, but thankfully Kings wrapped it heavily in electrical tape and sent it to me quickly, so the beer was still fully carbonated and fresh by the time I received it. Even though the prototype label shown below identified it as an Imperial Golden Ale Malt Liquor (which did not make sense, since malt liquors are a type of lager, not ale), I was relieved to confirm that this did indeed taste like a craft malt liquor, rather than an imperial golden ale. I specify "craft" malt liquor, because there's no Olde English 800 vibe going on here, this is malt liquor brewed with love and quality ingredients. At 40 fluid ounces, the 6.5% ABV was in the Goldilocks zone. As good as Nickel Nickel 9 is, and as much as I appreciate more craft breweries testing the 40oz/malt liquor waters, I do prefer the taste and overall feel that comes with drinking a classic malt like OE 800, though. Overall 7/10 swills.

On April 28,2018 Tioga Sequoia is releasing the 2nd edition with a different color label, pictured on the right. I need this bottle. If you can help, please email me.


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