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Pit Bull

Pit Bull Malt Liquor is labeled as being a "high gravity lager" but is not to be confused with the more recent Pit Bull High Gravity Ice, a different brand from a different brewery. The original Pit Bull 40s were produced by F.X. Matt Brewing Co. (also known as Saranac Brewery) under the name Coastal Brewing Company. Pit Bull was produced in both 6% ABV and 8% ABV varieties. In nearly impossible to see yellow ink, the back of the labels had 4 playing cards printed on them with the words "Get in the Game" and "Draw Card Under the Cap." Sure enough in black ink on the underside of the cap was printed another playing card, so you could see what kind of poker hand you had with your 40. The 6% version was a very good yet basic malt liquor, nearly identical in taste to Colt 45, and worthy of 7/10 swills. The 8% version, on the other hand, was much less enjoyable. The initial taste was kind of thick, if that makes any sense. It tasted stronger and more bitter the further into it and warmer it got. It's a very subpar malt liquor. It also had an almost reddish hue to it, which wasn't a bad thing, just an observation. The alcohol content came through, at least, but it was not enough to save this one. 4/10 swills.

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