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Ballantine Ale

Hailed as "America's Largest Selling Ale" and weighing in at 5.68% ABV, Ballantine Ale is straight-up delicious! Combining purity, body, and flavor makes Ballantine Ale a nice break from the everyday malt liquor 40s. 2016 saw the end of the green bottles as the brand transitioned over into brown bottles, and while it's still a great beer, it's just not the same. Beers are supposed to be better protected from sunlight in brown bottles, but I swear that green glass gave it a special funk that only added to the flavor. I call it the "green glass funk" and I've noticed it in other green bottled beers as well. And I'm not talking about skunked beer either. It's like the sun helps brew the beer and make it better, but yes, too much sun and things can go badly. Green Ballantines get a solid 10/10 swills from me, and the brown 9/10 swills. I pray to the holy Malt Unicorn that one day it may be available again in green bottles where it belongs. Also known as Ballantine XXX Ale, the 3 X's are a symbol of its high alcohol content, but it's no match for the 5 X's used on the Camo brands, like Camo Silver Ice, which sacrifice taste for strength.

I need the 2 variants pictured on the bottom. If you can help, please email me.

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