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Camo Silver Ice

Camo Silver Ice is the last standing 40oz Camo brand. Originally released at 9.0% ABV, the latest version boasts a whopping 10.6% ABV. The 5 X's shown on all Camo brands signify its strength, blowing Ballantine Ale and its mere 3 X's out of the water. But with extra strength often comes a sacrifice in flavor, and this stuff is one of the harshest tasting 40s you can buy. However, when you drink the Camo brands you're not looking for the best taste (unless you enjoy sipping nail polish remover), you're setting off on an evening to remember. Just don't expect to actually remember any of it. Prepare to be buzzed and have heartburn halfway through. Thankfully it's "naturally brewed", unlike all those other unnaturally brewed malt liquors. 5/10 swills for putting hair on your chest. The Silver Ice is not to be trifled with.

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