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Labatt Wildcat Force 10

Labatt Wildcat Force 10 was brewed by Labatt Brewing Co. in Montreal, Canada. It replaced Labatt's previous "Force 8" brand, Lucky Lager Force 10. The name of the brand was representative of its 10% ABV alcohol content. Drank this in good company with 40oz Crew members Shottie (who gave me this) and satan165. It had a very unique and funky taste. It's not good, but wasn't really that bad either. It may have been the best decision or worst decision to drink this super strong 40 on an empty stomach, depending on your point of view, but I had nowhere to be. Additional crew members The OG, White Mike, Drastic Mezures, and Beerface were all in attendance as well by the time I finished it up, for what would be the start of a classic weekend. Overall, 6.5/10 swills for getting the weekend off on the right foot.

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