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Lucky Lager Force 10

Lucky Lager Force 10, produced by Labatt Brewing Co., is the strongest version of Lucky Lager, at 10% ABV. It was eventually replaced by Labatt Wildcat Force 10. This was my first 40 of this caliber and I hated it. It tasted rough and burned on the way down. Tasted like festering prunes. Halfway through the alcohol content numbed my senses and I started getting used to it, and it tasted more like a cross between Camo High Gravity and M-X. Once warm, however, it's deadlier than ever, but the swill wasn't much worse than any other 40oz swill. The alcohol content is your reward for powering through this, like a child receiving a lollipop after getting a shot at the doctor. But like that lollipop, it's not actually worth the experience. 1/10 swills for a horrid flavor.

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