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National Bohemian

"From the Land of Pleasant Living", National Bohemian, known affectionately as Natty Boh, was originally produced by National Brewing Co. in Baltimore, MD. National Bohemian is now owned by Pabst Brewing Co. and weighs in at 4.3% ABV. The brand's slogan is "Oh Boy, What a Beer!" The one-eyed Mr. Boh logo is iconic, yet there is no actual known reason why he has only one eye. My theory is the Old German guy poked it out. National Bohemian is great as far as basic cheap beers go, but not the best. There is something about the taste that makes it stand apart from the others, however, and it's a good thing. Overall 7/10 swills. When in Baltimore, you must drink Natty Boh.

I need the 2 variants pictured on the bottom. If you can help, please email me.

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