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Rock Head

Rock Head was an 11% ABV malt liquor brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery for distribution in the U.S. At the same time it was available as Rock Head in the states, it was being sold in Canada as Axe Head, until they eventually changed the name to Axe Head in the U.S. as well. The cap, including the supposedly detachable ring, practically fell off this bottle when I opened it. Whereas I thought Axe Head to be decent, I found Rock Head to be less enjoyable. The alcohol content is obviously noticeable in the taste, but it's not as harsh as Camo Silver Ice, another brand with a super high ABV. Instead of being labeled as "Extreme Malt Liquor," it should be labeled "Extreme Swill" because the swill is extremely rough. I like how they changed the name to Rock Head for this brand's stateside debut, while keeping the giant axe head image on the label. While it's probably the same recipe as Axe Head, I definitely didn't enjoy it as much, resulting in a lower rating of 5/10 swills. The best part of this 40 was the ridiculous trade conducted to acquire it. I spent over $55 sending 40oz Crew member satan165 four fat sandwiches directly from the grease trucks in New Brunswick, NJ to his home in River Grove, IL, wrapped in tin foil and packed with ice packs, via express mail (24 hour delivery), in exchange for this and a Hi Test 40.

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